Wingate Designs

2005 "Craig is a very talented designer and is extremely dedicated to his work. He pays close attention to detail, yet never loses focus on the big picture."
Barry Wingate, President

Dr. Pontynen DDS

2006 " Craig Hines has made our project happen!

I have worked with Craig on a challenging design and manufacturing project from its inception three years ago.  Craig has been the force that has kept our product development process moving forward from one month to the next.  With Craig’s help we have pulled together a top-notch team of legal and IP advisors (WSGR) , medical device manufacturing experts and corporate startup experts capable of helping us take our complex, injection molded dental device into production and distribution.  Our product would probably not exist without Craig’s persistence and enthusiasm.  Our company is very fortunate to have Craig as our VP (product design and development)."
- Curtis Pontynen, D.D.S.

Strategix Vision

2006 "Craig is an exceptionally creative designer with a knack for looking at things differently. His entrepreneurial background, with bringing his own design successfully to market, helps him see the critical areas of a products success from the outset. Throughout the 6+ years, he’s worked for and with me he’s been a likeable, honest, and fun guy to interact with!"
- Bill Clem, Founder of Strategix Vision.

Vertical Product Development


2003 "Craig combines professionalism with a sense of style and an understanding of the need for functionality to drive product development."
Soudy Kahn, President,

Arch Molds

2006 "Craig Hines has recently been consulting for our company as a designer and engineer. He is very professional and his work is impeccable. I`d strongly recomend him as part of any buisness venture"
- Mike Branger Archmolds President

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